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Compensation Programs

Newly updated custom designed Disability Journal is a simple to use tool that will help you collect, track and share past and current information about your current disability and other health issues.


The perfect tool used to document all of your disability conditions, record VA interactions, monitor medication usage, and much, much, more.


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Remembering every password and login credentials for all of your online accounts can be a real grind.


Tired of losing track of your password?  Along with usernames and security question answers?

  • Now you can store them safely in one convenient place!
  • Passwords & Everything Else is organized and developed with areas to list your passwords, usernames and security question answers and special notes.
  • Passwords & Everything Else is smartly equipped with tips, suggestions and reminders of how to protect your valuable information.


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"Having my DD Form 214 miniaturized on a credit card sized plastic card is genius.  I feel like I have a very special spy card of some sort.  Not only that, but my tiny signature is there which makes this card really spiffy.  And, miniaturization of my DD Form 214 makes it easier to move around from place to place, which reduces the risk of loss through mishandling.  Which, I have a tendency to do with large items.  Also, I like the encrypted data on the backside of my DD Form 214 card.  Very cool!"

...Tom, Las Vegas, NV

VA Airborne Hazards & Open Burn Pit Registry

It is very Important for all affected veterans to register.  Potential benefits may depend on you being included in registry.  To register click here.

Did you know the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) Grant will provide coverage for medically necessary improvements and alterations to the homes of veterans and active service members? Those eligible to receive the grant can get up to $6,899 if they have a service-connected disability, or $2,000 if they have a non-service related condition.  More...

Did you know an estimated 400,000 former service members are at risk of wrongly being denied VA health care and other benefits, according to a 2020 study by OutVets?  It showed that gay and lesbian veterans and victims of military sexual assault are disproportionately at risk. So are veterans who served in the Navy or Marines, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and those with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).   More...

Protect Your Sensitive Data

Did You know many veterans have had great success in submitting their disability claims information in book form? That is, putting together a binder with table of contents, tabs, and all necessary attachments. Using a binder helps keep all information organized, and easily accessible for reference.